Exploring Tobago

June, 2020
4 day itinerary

Chilling, Beach Life, and Bioluminescence Tours

Duration: 4 days, 3 nights

You can spend a few days in Tobago in many different ways, from just relaxing at your villa, to going to the beach (at last), or being more adventurous with your activities. So here is a few ideas for you next trip.

  • Sight Seeing 90% 90%
  • Food 70% 70%
  • Transportation 50% 50%
  • Activities 80% 80%

Best Food & Drink

1. Il Portico

The newest pizza restaurant in Tobago. Thin crust pizza, and according to my wife amazing flan. Map

2. Caribbean Kitchen

With one of the best views on island, the caribbean kitchen (the restaurant for castara retreats) offers great food, and fresh juices. Spend a late afternoon taking in the sunset with cocktail in hand. Map

3. Public Demand

If you need fruit and vegetables this is where a local goes, but more importantly this is one of the best lcoal juice bars in Tobago. I just make up a recipe and they make it.  Map

Day 1

You arrived late last evening. So you sleep in, and then head off to Mt Irvine Beach for a relaxing first day. Maybe you go for a snorkel or a surf (if there are waves). You can get lunch on the beach at the Anchor bar. Then get some pizza at Il Portico for dinner. 


Day 2

Take a drive up to Castara beach. After some sand castle building, you take a snorkel or go for a short hike to Castara waterfalls. Finish the afternoon at the Caribbean Kitchen with cocktails and an early dinner.

Coastal Paddle Tour

Day 3

It’s our last day, so you get up early and go for a morning paddle board up the coast. Then have a big home brunch before it’s time to head back home. Cook at home or eat Breakfast at Kariwak Hotel. 

Bioluminescence Tours

The Highlight of the Trip!
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